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Sleep Therapy

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Medicine for Sleep

Sleeping is the main repair process of our body and one of the pillars to achieve a healthy life. On the other hand, its absence represents one of the most common causes of premature aging.

Sleep disorders such as insomnia, frequent awakening, snoring or apnea are one of the most frequent causes of tiredness and chronic exhaustion. In our unit we diagnose the predominant sleep disorder and propose the appropriate solutions for your treatment.

SHIN has developed a sleep therapy whose approach is unique worldwide and it is innovative in the field of sleep medicine. It involves combining the western diagnosis and therapeutic techniques (polysomnography and treatment with Auto-CPAP), with the healthy nutrition, acupuncture and phytotherapy from oriental medicine. This is how the success rates of the two separate techniques can be increased.

 More about sleep therapy

  • Initial Sleep Consultation
  • Night Polygraph Diagnosis: This consists in studying sleep characteristics through a polygraph that detects the different variables that influence starting and maintaining sleep.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment by CPAP: A positive pressure chamber enables us to detect and, where applicable, rectify any abnormality in the sleep architecture.

Treatment Included in

  • Sleep recovery programme

    A sleep disorders treatment designed to recover the quality of sleep, including treating sleep disorders such as insomnia, and improve the quality of life thanks to a combination of western therapeutic and diagnosis techniques, a healthy diet and natural therapy.
  • Fitness Programme

    The SHIN Fitness Program is aimed at improving your physical condition and overall health by creating a personalised health and fitness plan.
  • SHIN Life Reset

    The SHIN Life Reset programme gives you the chance to reclaim your health and wellbeing on our wellness retreat if you’re suffering from stress, physical and emotional fatigue.

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