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Cognitive Theraphies

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Cognitive Treatments

It is a unit with a multi-disciplinary approach to the cognitive therapy that is run under the supervision of Professor Bruno Ribeiro in which the most up-to-date corroborated scientific knowledge is used and combined with the potential of the latest technology, to evaluate the individual's mental status and also carry out a series of exercises and activities aimed at developing all the potential stored in their mind with special focus on treating Alzheimer's.

The Cognitive Empowerment unit aims to assess the cognitive and psychological capacities of the patient, allowing them to maximize their cognitive abilities, enhancing their strengths. With cognitive therapy, the patient not only improves his current situation, but also provides a series of tools and exercises to boost his mental state from home. It is aimed at people with MCI (Mild cognitive impairment) or small memory loss, people in normal health who wish to enhance their cognitive ability by studying their higher functions, people who want to reduce or reduce the possibility of developing neurodegenerative mental illness Or those who seek to improve their cognitive reserve.

In short, through cognitive therapies the person not only improves his current situation but also gives him a series of tools (life learnings) to be able to boost his mental state at home.

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Who are the target candidates?
  • People with MCI (Mild cognitive impairment), small memory loss, slight forgetfulness without it developing into huge memory loss.
  • Normal people who want to enhance their cognitive capacity.
  • Executives who want to train their anxiety and concentration control mechanisms (coping skills), to be able to work longer "in the zone".

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