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Preventive Medicine Treatments

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Genetic Medicine

Preventive Medicine today is based on "predict to prevent" thanks to the ability to know and predict the potential of a disease through various medical tests and genetic tests. These genetic tests make it easier to detect any possible genetic predisposition and then take the necessary measures to prevent or delay the onset of the disease, by adopting healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

A preventative approach and healthy lifestyle habits stimulate the body's healing mechanism, therefore, preventing the development of unwanted symptoms or ailments. The analysis of the genetic testing determines the techniques that should be applied to improve quality of life and aging.

In summary, the preventative and genetic treatment can detect any possible genetic predisposition to health problems, and therefore, take the necessary measures in order to prevent them from developing in future. By understanding what lifestyle habits you should adopt and what nutrition plans suits you best, you will boost your health and prevent premature aging.

 Preventive Medicine Services

  • Genetics consultation
  • BASICgen: By analysing 12 genes, we may obtain essential information to get into personalized medicine and genetic counselling.
  • SHIN Vip Complete: Without a doubt, a complete genetically personalized study, which includes all existing markers, 70 polymorphisms, over 51 genes.
  • FITgen: Preventive genetic test dedicated to physical activity
  • OSTEOgen: Genetic screening for osteoporosis prevention
  • SKINgen: Preventive genetic test dedicated to skin aging
  • CARDIOgen: Genetic test to prevent for cardiovascular disease
  • BUCCOscreen: Includes personal risk and prevention of periodontitis
  • HEAVY METALS: Heavy metals detoxification
  • ALOPECIAgen: Genetic test to prevent androgenic alopecia
  • BRAINgen: Genetic test for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  • EMOgen: Genetic test for the prevention of emotional instability
  • NEUROgen: Preventive genetic test against neurodegenerative diseases
  • Celiac: Genetic profile for gluten intolerance
  • CROHNgen: Risk of developing Crohn’s syndrome
  • DETOXgen: Preventive genetic test for phases I & II of detoxification
  • DIABETOgen: Genetic test for the prevention of type II diabetes
  • WEIGHTgen: Preventive genetic profile dedicated to weight control
  • GLAUCOMAgen: Risk of developing glaucoma
  • MACULAgen:Preventive genetic test of macular degeneration associated with age (DMAE)
  • COLOgen: Genetic test for preventing sporadic colorectal carcinoma
  • FEMgen: Preventive genetic test against breast cancer
  • NICOTINEgen: Genetic test for preventing nicotine addiction
  • PROSTATEgen: Preventive genetic test against prostate cancer
  • BRCA1 y BRCA2: Preventive genetic testing for inherited or family-related risk of breast cancer.

Treatment Included in

  • Anti-aging Programme

    An integral anti aging treatment intended to optimize health, lengthen your life expectancy and bring vitality back into your life, by means of a perfect combination of ancient eastern techniques with the latest scientific advances in personalised preventive.
  • Rejuvenation Programme

    The SHIN rejuvenation treatment is unique on an international level as it combines millenary oriental techniques with the latest advancements in the field of genetic and preventative medicine to improve health and delay premature aging.

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