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Osteopathic Treatments

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Osteopathic Therapy

Osteopathic treatments are aimed to improve health through massages given by ex­perts. Osteopathy is based on the belief that all the systems of the body work together, that they are related and, therefore, the disorders in one system can affect how the others work. lt is therefore consi­dered to be a type of holistic practice. lt is called osteopathic mani­pulative treatment, and it consists in a system of practica! technique s used to alleviate pain, restare bodily functions and promote health and well-being.

 Capillary health services

Manuthera Electric Treatment Table
The use of manipulations using the Manuthera electric treatment table stands out. This innovative technological tool allows for vertebral and articular manipulation, in a gentle, painless, precise and silent manner, always under professional control. Pulling, flexion, sideways flexion, rotation and gravity help the patient to adopt key therapeutic and anatomical positions, with the aim of carrying out disk pumping that facilitates a reduction of the hernia, increases hydration of the disk and reduces disk swelling, which enables irrigation and nutrition of the nerve root, frees up the vertebral joints, reduces spinal pressure and opens up the intervertebral foramina that the nerve root goes through.

Treatment Included in

  • Fitness Programme

    The SHIN Fitness Program is aimed at improving your physical condition and overall health by creating a personalised health and fitness plan.
  • Rejuvenation Programme

    The SHIN rejuvenation treatment is unique on an international level as it combines millenary oriental techniques with the latest advancements in the field of genetic and preventative medicine to improve health and delay premature aging.
  • SHIN Life Reset

    The SHIN Life Reset programme gives you the chance to reclaim your health and wellbeing on our wellness retreat if you’re suffering from stress, physical and emotional fatigue.

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